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 Nancy Carpenter dresses in warm and breathable clothes for some cross-country skiing.
a pair of leather Danner boots that were made for the coldest temperatures, and they really worked great. After those wore out, I went to LaCrosse’s rubber version of the ultimate winter boot, the AlphaBurly Pro with 1600 grams of Thinsulate insulation. Let me tell you - nobody will get cold feet in these babies!
Another useful trick is to put a piece of closed cell foam pad (that stops the transfer of chilling cold from the ground) between your feet and the ground if you are going to be in one place for a while. When I’m
ice fishing or sitting on a deer hunting stand, I carry
a piece to slip under my boots. I also make sure my sleeping bag has a similar pad between me and the ground. If I’m going to be sitting for a lengthy period, I also make sure I have one to sit on. I always carry a small pack with survival gear, and am sure to have a couple small pieces stowed just for this purpose.
In this same pack, I carry a fire starting kit, a survival blanket (the light, foil wrap type), a lightweight stove, a few freeze-dried meals, and black tea bags. At any time, I can get a small fire going to warm things up in a number of ways. My stove can brew a quick cup of tea, or a simple freeze-dried meal if necessary. A warm cup of tea really makes a difference when fighting the chill.
Everyone knows if you start the day with a hearty breakfast, a meal filled with lots of nutritious fats and carbs, you will stay comfortably warm for a longer period of time. What some folks don’t realize is that you must also stay hydrated in cold weather. Most folks associate proper hydration with a hot and humid weather situation. That’s true, but make sure you drink plenty of water during freezing cold weather, too.
Another great item for cold weather comfort is a Merino wool neck gator. I have one with a portion that slides right up over my nose. I pull this out when the temps are going to be extreme, and the winds start to pick up. Nothing cuts through clothing like an icy wind, but this gator helps to keep it from chilling my face and neck. Keep your blood from chilling, and you’ve got it made.
Preparedness. That’s the name of the game. Know the conditions you will be heading into, and also know that those conditions may change rapidly. Plan your clothing choices with those things in mind, and you are well on your way to not only surviving, but enjoying the coldest weather around. Take it from a guy who’s made a mistake or two along the way! Y
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