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improvements. As you dive further into home weatherization, you’ll want to explore the extensive resources available from Efficiency Maine. They offer rebates for many weatherization and energy efficiency improvement projects, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, and a database of qualified contractors, searchable by zip code and type of home improvement.
When I followed up with Ellen, the homeowner, after her participation in the Community Weatherization Project, she said, “I have an old farmhouse, and figuring out where to begin to seal and weatherize was overwhelming. Getting an energy audit helped me break down the work into manageable steps. Working with the CEBE crew, we learned basic caulking, sealing, and insulating skills, and worked on each other’s homes to give each other support and share knowledge.”
Seal Rossignol, coordinating the project for CEBE added, “What makes this program unique is that it
Foam insulation for pipes can be applied very quickly, and make an immediate change in delivered water temperature.
enables community members to connect, learn new skills, and then, most importantly, contribute to each other. CEBE and We Built This are not only making the practical applications of weatherization happen, they are also building community – the essential component to addressing climate issues and fostering resilience.” Those interested in learning more about We Built This, the Community Weatherization Project, and enrolling in or volunteering with WindowDressers can contact CEBE for more information –
While we take pride in our cold winters and self- reliant streak, western Maine is also pulling together to make sure we have somewhere warm to come home to each night. Whether you choose to start on your own, or join a group to help get you going, make this season the one where you take control of your home’s energy usage. It will pay off in comfort, dollars saved, and energy conserved – a triple win.
Adjusting the temperature on your electric water heater can save up to 5% in heating costs.

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