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  Sushi Nachos epitomizes the fun fusion vibe at Elevation Sushi and Tacos in Bridgton. Fried wanton chips are loaded up with Tuna,Yellowtail and Salmon, along with red onion, avocado and cucumber, dressed with eel sauce, spicy mayo and cilantro aioli and topped with microgreens and sesame seeds.
mellow roll filled with tempura shrimp, cream cheese and avocado, topped with tuna, eel sauce and green onion. The “Lightning,” as you might imagine, features super-spicy tuna, avocado and asparagus, topped with more tuna, yellow tail, and house-made “Death Sauce,” flying fish roe, and Togarashi, a Japanese powder typically made with hot peppers, orange zest, seaweed and ginger. The real deal! These are just two of the over 25 rolls featured on the menu, along with sashimi and sushi appetizers, and a big selection hand rolls. Most of the sushi menu features fresh bluefin tuna, shrimp, yellow tail, lobster, and octopus, with seasonal specials like Toro and Uni.
A huge hit for me was the Octopus Carpaccio, marinated, thinly sliced, and dressed with garlic ponzu, yuzu tobiko (citrus-infused flying fish eggs), micro greens, and green onion, making for a complex medley of flavors, that somehow still allows the tender fresh octopus to shine through.
On the taco side of things, Elevation offers Pork, Vegetable, Carne Asada, Chicken and Fish, each with a distinct blend of sauces and vegetables, and a choice of chips or Spanish rice. They even press fresh tortillas on site. I stuck to the more Japanese side of the menu, but witnessed more than a few tacos being served to
high marks from other diners. I’m definitely ready to delve into this side of the menu next time around.
And for those notable exceptions? When Assistant Sushi Chef Mike Sanchez handed over a generous bowl of Sushi Nachos to me, it didn’t take long for my skepticism to melt. The foundation of the “Nachos” was Wonton chips (rather than corn), which made divine sense. They also use Wonton for their Tuna, Yellowtail and Salmon Poke Tacos. All three fishes were included in the Nachos, along with red onion, avocado and cucumber, dressed with eel sauce, spicy mayo and cilantro aioli, and topped with microgreens and sesame seeds. Everything is unique and delicious, and can be enjoyed with a local IPA from their extensive list of local, domestic and imported beers. They also serve an impressive selection of Sake, cocktails, seltzers and spirits, all with a friendly service and great vibe. It’s a Habanero Mango Margarita for me next time around!
Legend Meets Makeover In Norway
After 35 years as Ari’s Pizza and Subs, new owners have re-branded the Norway eatery as Norway Pizza XChange, echoing their other successful dining establishment, X Vault Pub and Provisions in South 17

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