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 sourced from over 20 farms in the greater Bethel area. They even have a staff member dedicated to sourcing local, and preserving foods for the winter menu.
On a recent trip I was treated to Roasted Local Beets with miso whipped locally-sourced chevre, and crispy kale. We followed that with the Pho Braised Brisket and Cabbage with potatoes and carrots, all from local farms. Depending on the night, there might also be a seasonal desert, like a recent Steamed Pumpkin Custard with dulce de leche, pepitas and sesame streusel.
They have a small but lovely selection of wine, as well as great local and imported beers to accompany your meal. Le Mu’s beverage director, Jennie Brosman, continues to amaze us with delicious, unique cocktails made from house-infused liquors, local fruits, and handmade seltzers.
East Meets West In Bridgton
When I heard a sushi and taco bar was opening a few towns over from where I live, I must admit, my two favorite foods were converging at a dizzying pace. When the doors finally opened at Elevation Sushi and Tacos in Bridgton, I couldn’t have been more impressed. Kimberly Morton and her family have
transformed a former deli on Main Street into a truly eclectic eatery, fusing their Los Angeles roots of Street Tacos and “real” California Rolls, with East Coast- style Sushi, and the fresh fish availability from nearby Portland. They found their footing during their
first winter, then things picked up markedly with
the addition of more hot foods to the menu and, no doubt, recommendations from their customers. “This town has been great to us,” Kimberly told me. “The people here are the best.”
While Kimberly’s experience from LA had more to do with restaurant management, it is her son-in-law, John Dexter, that brings years of experience as a chef to the endeavor, having worked in high end restaurants from Cancun and Las Vegas to Los Angeles. He manages the sushi end of things, while Kimberly works the cooked food side of the menu, ensuring that there is something for everybody who ventures in, whether they are local sushi aficionados, or a visitor just looking for a bite to eat while passing through.
For the most part, the sushi and tacos at Elevation stay distinctly in the Japanese or Mexican vein, with a few notable exceptions on the subtly Disney-themed menu where you will find the “Lighting McQueen” roll next to the “Bernadette.” The latter is a super
Assistant Sushi Chef Mike Sanchez hands over another beautiful roll at Elevation Sushi and Tacos in Bridgton to the delight of visiting diners. John Dexter, in the background, is Elevation’s Sushi Chef, blending West Coast Sushi Style with fresh East Coast ingredients.

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