Page 71 - WCM 2022 Winter
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The lambent sun hanging low
in the sky, streaked with carmine hues, portentous patterns of light and dark
paint the macadam as abstract art;
fluid with the breeze in the tree tops
not fixed or unchanging.
Where blushes of peach, maybe cantaloupe peek through the canopy of less vibrant greens than those of early spring.
Subtle movements inward both home and heart
as the day more quickly now moves toward the horizon.
Claire Sessions
Two Rooms
Going from kitchen to living room where she is resting
and fire behind a screen is glowing
then back to the kitchen where soup is warming
and Brussels sprouts browning
Me between fire in two rooms
Eric Dibner
Riding Out the Storm
Hay bales tight against the granite foundation, this poor-man’s insulation a cozy winter-haven for the field-mouse family sheltered there
Grayed shingles sluiced with snow that seeps under drafty windows, rime-coating the weathered sills
Summoned by lowing from the canted barn, ditch-dark path for morning milking, unless the moon is full
and unobscured by scudding clouds;
darker still at four p.m., swaying lantern-light to prevent a fateful fall
The town plow made an early pass, winging back the edges
that drifted back soon after it passed; now the solitude is absolute,
no sense cutting a tractor swath with this wild wind
Thankful for the cords-high wood in the shed, oil lamps at the ready,
hot coffee and steamed bread,
leftover Saturday beans,
a crock of pickles for good measure, riding out the storm
Darlene Glover
The Mountain Poets Society meets on the second Sunday of each month from 4–6pm. Everyone is welcome to share and discuss original poems. FMI 71

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