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 With only bootstrap funding, and a vision of creating a community hub centered on wholesome, organic (when possible), locally-sourced food and beverage, the Shed has since grown. Current offerings include a dine-in greenhouse, specialty beverages with flavorings and herbs sourced straight from the garden and locally-made hand crafted gifts, and (eventually) four- course dinners and homesteading and farming classes. Kate, who grew up working on a cattle farm in Maine, spent her summers traveling “Anthony Bourdain style.” Brian, originally from Kentucky, was co-owner of a brewery and ran a barbecue joint. The couple met when they were both working at a ski resort, and Kate had decided to “stick around for the summer.” Once they began raising their family, they soon realized they wanted a better way of life for their kids, and Maine seemed like the best place. They left Utah in 2018 and went “all-in” on their own farm. “We wanted to raise our kids with more culture, someplace less hectic, more connected to reality. Maine is beautiful. It has everything we need: mountains, the ocean, skiing ... history. It’s a wonderful place,” said Brian.
With all the great local attractions, outdoor adventures, fabulous food, and lodging, Kingfield offers visitors an opportunity to experience the beauty and simplicity of Maine life at its finest. From the small-town feel, fascinating history and spectacular scenery, to their hip, happening vibe, Kingfield is a place you will want to explore. And with so many interesting, tasty and fun things to choose from, this is a place that will have you coming back again and again. Maybe, you might just want to call this home! ✲
With a menu based on the availability of locally-sourced items, Maine Beer Shed co-owner Kate Ray tempts hungry diners with a variety of appetizing offerings.
Rosemary Bourbon lemonade is the perfect accompaniment to smoked brisket, roasted potatoes and corn topped with garlic aïoli, cheese, and fresh herbs from their garden.

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