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 Orchard Girls Cidery owner Daniel Gassett serves up his latest batch of hand-pressed hard cider.
This design of this original hand-crank cider press has largely been unchanged since the 1800s.
the tasting room is busy, and the community has been very supportive. “It’s an excellent local community. We all send each other people. It’s only going to help if all of us succeed.” With both indoor and outside seating, the Cidery is a great place to kick back, hang out, and enjoy this unique specialty beverage. With more than 12 seasonal recipes to choose from, and interesting lore to accompany every glass, small batch flavors of Maine berries, rhubarb, lemon, ginger, and jalapeno will haunt your tastebuds, and leave you hankering for more.
Owned and operated by Brian and Kate Ray, the Maine Beer Shed opened in July of 2020 with
“better than expected” results. Their credo of local, sustainable and authentic has proven to be a recipe for success, and has helped put Kingfield squarely on the map with its hip vibe and trendsetting innovations. With one of the largest selections of Maine craft beers available anywhere, and a great selection of homemade hand pies and local produce, the Maine Beer Shed has been well received by locals and tourists alike. “We source everything from local farms. All our beer is from Maine. Our beef is local and grassfed. The menu changes daily, and we only cook surplus from local farms,” said Kate. The Shed has been open for just over a year, and they opened the café just a this summer. She gets up at 3 a.m. to start her day, and was taking a short break from the smoker after cooking and serving lunch to hungry guests. “This was something the community really needed,” said Kate.
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