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     relaxing experience that is “sophisticated but simple,” emphasizing all the beauty and serenity of small-
town country life. “We offer a different landscape, a different vibe. It’s sort of a step back in time,” Banta said. With an extensive menu of specialty cocktails, hand-selected wine pairings, craft beer, and four course dinners, guests are treated with sumptuous locally- sourced specialties. The list includes house-brined olives, Italian cheeses, Lamb Ragu, hand-cut pasta and focaccia, fluffy olive oil cake and fresh gelato. Seating is limited, and reservations are strongly encouraged.
If you are heading out on the trails and looking for
a quick but satisfying breakfast or lunch, Orange
Cat Cafe (open for drive-through only) is your spot. Offering a variety of café and espresso drinks, soups, salads, sandwiches, pastries and quiche, this fun, funky eclectic eatery has outdoor seating, and great portions at reasonable prices. For lunch or dinner, an over-stuffed burrito awaits at Rolling Fatties, a food truck-turned-restaurant that occupies a whimsical orange 1840s farmhouse on Main Street. Husband and wife team Rob and Polly MacMichael have created a fanciful and fun atmosphere with their backyard bar and outside seating, complete with the original Airstream Trailer that was the restaurant’s first home. Choose from locally-sourced grassfed
beef Fatties or Cilantro Lime Cod Tacos, or go all-in with their Freedom Fatty, a handmade flour tortilla packed with the roller’s choice of ingredients - “not for picky eaters or people with dietary restrictions!” Pair with a local Maine beverage, and top off with live entertainment on the weekends.
A visit to Orchard Girls Cidery for a flight of fresh, fermented, hand-pressed hard cider will satisfy
the taste buds and soothe the soul. Previously an operations manager for a winery in Virginia, owner and cider maker Daniel Gassett didn’t come to Maine with the intention of making cider. “I was born and raised in Virginia, but I came up every summer so I was familiar with the area.” When he first moved to Maine, he was working two jobs and cider making was a more of a hobby. He was familiar with the wine-making process, but soon realized
he had much to learn. The process is essentially the same, but the recipes took time to cultivate. “I made some interesting ones, and dumped many batches down the drain before finally perfecting the process. Thankfully, that doesn’t happen anymore.”
Daniel started working with a local apple orchard, and a small, vintage apple press, growing his craft from there. He opened in 2019, selling kegs to bars and restaurants, and was eventually picked up by a distributor. His tasting room opened last February, right before “the world fell apart.” Despite the setback,
Above: Known locally as the Brick Castle, this original 1820s building is home to the fun and funky Orange Cat Cafe.
Below: Crustless quiche, generously stuffed wraps and espresso drinks are just a few of the scrumptious items available at Orange Cat Cafe.
 An outdoor bar and dining area at Rolling Fattys offers guests a place to relax and enjoy a refreshing beverage and some lively conversation with their meal.

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