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 Destination: Kingfield
A Trekker’s Target for Adventure story and photos by Christine Baptista
 Cooling off at the Kingfield dam after a day touring the High Peaks Scenic Byway.
“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.”
~ Sue Fitzmaurice
Heading north along Route 27, you might be tempted to pass through the tiny town of Kingfield (population 966) on your way to somewhere else. Stopping for gas or a quick bite to eat, you might take note of the “Wild- West” feel of this 1816-era village, with its vintage store fronts and Victorian homes. You might even venture across Centennial Bridge and admire the view along the winding Carrabassett River. At first glance, it might seem like that’s all there is to this little town, but you’d be missing out on a fabulous opportunity to explore the diverse experiences Kingfield has to offer.
With over 200 historic properties, and everything from beautiful bed and breakfasts, to museums and art galleries, outdoor adventures, spectacular scenery, eclectic eateries, festivals and fun, Kingfield is more than a gateway. It has developed as a destination all its own.
Perched in the Appalachian Mountains, Kingfield is located strategically
at the confluence of the West Branch and Carrabassett rivers, and the intersection of Routes 16, 27 and 142, the start of the Maine High Peaks Arts & Heritage Loop. This 82-mile scenic tour guides travelers around
ten of Maine’s highest mountains, and through five unique mountain villages, each rich with a vibrant arts scene, and cultural, scenic and historic attractions. Beginning in Kingfield on Route 27, The Maine High Peaks Scenic Byway offers stunning views of the Carrabassett River, Mount Abraham, and the Bigelow Range. As an official Appalachian Trail Community, and home to Maine Huts and Trails, Kingfield offers year- round access to an extensive back-country network of trails, and welcomes hikers and visitors from around the globe.
Arts, Entertainment, Adventure and More in Western Maine
 Eric Dillman

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