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holistic community. And that’s exactly how Annette Cochran – owner, sole proprietor, and third genera- tion family farmer of No View – designed it to be.
“It’s all about the tradition behind the food,” says Annette, who built No View with her own hands, and has been growing and making food for as long as she can remember.
In 1983, Annette put up the first walls of the large A-frame that defines the main building of the café and bakery. Housing an industrial kitchen, an open seating area, and a bar that’s loaded, not with bottles of liquor, but stacked high with all-natural baked goods, No View is a unique and welcoming experience from the moment you set foot in the door.
Because No View is also a working farm, her home- grown organic produce is frequently integrated into her offerings at the café, and during the growing season, you can often find a broad array of fresh organic produce to purchase. However, and not to de- tract from the produce, “but the sticky buns are what people really come for,” confesses Annette, “especially the drunken pineapple,” which is a concoction that Annette came up with years ago, and it’s been a fan
favorite ever since. Consisting of coconut, tequila, pineapple, ginger and other spices, the gooey mixture brings an unexpected and exotically bright tang to the sticky bun and leaves you wondering why you’ve never thought to put pineapple on your breakfast breads. As Annette puts it, tradition in foods is incredibly impor- tant, but so is bringing a little excitement – and a little pineapple – to freshen up the traditional classics.
Gemini Café & Bakery, Bethel
Although Gemini Café & Bakery will be a brand-new bakery in Bethel, Anna Sysko and Nicole Pellerin
are no strangers to the bread scene. Having baked together for years at the former DiCocoa’s Cafe, Anna and Nicole are bringing craft and artisanal breads to their newly renovated space on Main Street. Because they were able to create the space to suit their baking style and needs, they plan to produce a variety of breads that demand a highly controlled environ- ment, such as croissants and Tartine-style morning buns. Along with these buttery delicacies, you’ll find traditional sourdough breads, sweet treats, and more. Slated to open in early summer, you won’t want to drive through Bethel without making a stop. ❧
The Café at No View is an eclectic place filled with treats and treasures, from bread to books.
 Johanna Sorrell

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