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They accept special orders for baked goods, and you can call ahead to learn more. The market accepts credit cards, cash, and checks. In the summer, they’re typically open seven days a week. Check their Facebook page for current hours.
The Friendly Ewe
344 Sumner Road, Hartford
Owned and operated by the author and the author’s partner, Sophie, The Friendly Ewe is Western Maine’s only licensed sheep dairy. They seasonally milk a small flock of ewes and make cheese, ice cream, and yogurt. Sheep’s milk has been growing in popularity in the United States, and is especially well-suited for cheese making. Their feta is an example of a cheese tradition- ally made with sheep’s milk, and customers often say it’s the best feta they’ve ever had.
While making the most of both the milk and wonder- ful fiber the sheep produce, they also use the animals to improve the pasture and soil quality through rotational grazing. Renee and Sophie strive to use their business model to positively impact the environment. They’ve been expanding the amount of their own food they produce on their farm for the past five years, after
working and apprenticing on other farms across Maine and the United States. Farming on four acres may destine them to stay small, but they appreciate their highly-visible location as part of the fabric of Western Maine’s agricultural landscape. They value being part of the network of farmers committed to creating locally available food to meet the growing demand.
Their farm store stocks their products, plus a CSA with other farms. Yarn and wool goods from their sheep are also for sale, as well as postcards and original art by Sophie. You can check their website or social media for current hours and products available. They accept credit cards, cash, and checks. Stop by to meet the sheep the next time you’re in the area!
As people change their shopping habits, and demand higher quality food and goods, the number of local producers of all types in Western Maine and beyond is constantly growing and changing for the better. These trends are positive and healthy, both for people and the communities they serve. Start your new shopping habits today with this committed group
of agripreneurs, and know there’s plenty of room to discover more to create your own list of favorites. ❧
The Friendy Ewe uses rotational grazing to improve the soil quality of the pasture, and sequester carbon while producing high-quality dairy products and wool. East Friesian sheep are well-suited for milking, and sheep’s milk has been used to make cheese for thousands of years.
 Renee Igo

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