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 David Knightly
Fairwinds Farm started out selling strawberries and doing pick-your-own berries, but have transitioned to specializing in rustic bouquets of pollinator-friendly flowers, including unique and hard-to-find flowers.
regional gifts ranging from guidebooks, to candles, to locally-made pottery. The market is located at the picturesque farm in a 225-year-old barn. Visitors can check their website for current hours, seasonal products, and other updates.
Fairwinds Farm
346 Skeetfield Road, Oxford
Dave and Cathy Knightly operate a family-owned stand. Growing on the land that Dave’s grandfather had, and being able to use his father’s tractor, is
like “soul food” for him. Having heard that noth- ing would grow there, and now transforming it into a farm that produces beauty and deliciousness, is his best reward. Dave and Cathy got their start selling strawberries when Dave started buying strawberries from a neighbor for his own children to re-sell at a roadside stand for summer spend-
ing money. That was 12 years ago, and now they proudly grow much of the fruit for their many varieties of jam. They are pesticide-free, and have a solar tracker powering the farm.
Products ranging from strawberries, to lavender, to cut flowers grown on their farm, as well as local honey, jam made by Cathy, eggs, pies, and seasonal produce. Their flower arrangements are unique, embodying a
Customers return their “rescue jars” to the stand when they’re ready for a new bouquet.
 David Knightly

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