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 Today’s Farm Stand Promise Bounty and Community Connections by Renee Igo
 Amanda Hood
Located at the end of a dirt road, Thompson Hill Farm is a former dairy farm, Hillcrest Dairy.
“Agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.”
~ Thomas Jefferson
Nothing says healthy like juicy fresh-picked strawberries, still warm from the morning sun, or a giant, richly-colored heirloom tomato, poised to be sliced for the ultimate seasonal sandwich. Whether you’re looking for a picnic treat, or stocking up on essentials, Western Maine is full of farm stand gems ready and waiting, just for you. Visiting these local treasures can be like time travel to a different era. While many have embraced modernity, you’re still apt to get directions to “go about a mile, then turn left at the chickens in the road!” Ei- ther way, you’re likely to meet the people who grew your food, or whose family recipes are becoming part of your own family traditions. You’ll be secure in the knowledge that you are taking home garden-fresh veggies, or artisan bread, or a jar of crisp pickles, all straight from the producer, with no trucking or middle man involved. Here’s a starter list of hyper-local favorites to check out.
Thompson Hill Farm
141 Thompson Hill Road, Mexico
Amanda and Joshua Hood opened their farm store in 2021, wanting to provide fresh eggs and coffee to guests in their rental cabin, as well as the local commu- nity. This seasonal store now offers eggs from their chickens, English muffin loaf bread (baked by Amanda), and products from other local artists and producers.
Amanda says, “While we aren’t quite farming yet, we own a beautiful farm we plan on expanding and restoring over the years.” In addition to chickens, they have an apple orchard, a garden, and plan to start keeping bees this year. “Having the farm store allows us to gently introduce ourselves to the community, and find out what people’s wants and needs are.” They prize having the community’s input,
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