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 When it gets too warm to fish, it’s play time.
without the kayak bouncing around. An advantage to using window weights is they don’t hang up on
the bottom, and they are easy to lift with the dog leash recoil system. Still not clear? Just search “anchor systems for kayaks,” and you’ll find a slew of instruc- tional videos and tips.
Beware searching through all the kayak modification videos you find on the Internet, or you will wind
up like me – tinkering away on the kayak when you should be out fishing! However, I’ve discovered one YouTube site, Navarre Kayak Fishing, that offers sound advice and gadgets for angling out of a pedal kayak. I’ve purchased gear from them, and watched their videos to help me install a new keel pin that helps control the keel silently and smoothly, seat spacers that keep the seat centered, and a seat eleva- tion kit for even more comfort. Other than the above information, not much has to be done to get your kayak in shape for fishing.
Kayaks really are an easy craft to fish from. They are small enough to throw right in the back of my pickup truck, then unload easily at the beach. If I want to stop and fish from shore, all I need to do is pull over, step out of the kayak, and secure it. Or I can anchor anywhere in a lake or river if I feel like sitting topside. And I never have to worry about towing a trailer. Now, away to the good fishin’ spots..............
Lakes and Ponds
There are so many lakes and ponds in Western Maine that picking only a few becomes a real chal- lenge. Look for state parks with beaches to start a search of your own. I prefer undisturbed settings, so I lean toward more remote sites.
One of my favorites is Howard Pond in Hanover. Access is at one point only, at the southeast end of the pond. The pond runs to approximately 100 feet deep in spots, and holds landlocked salmon and brook trout. There’s a nice swimming spot at the access site, and a hiking trail near the parking area that leads to the top of an overlook and a view of the whole pond.
South Pond, off Route 26 in Locke Mills, offers another great waterhole with easy kayak access. The pond is accessed just below the train bridge at Round Pond where paddlers follow a small channel before entering the main body of South Pond. Here you can fish for landlocked salmon, lake trout, lake whitefish, rainbow smelt, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, white perch, yellow perch, chain pickerel, fallfish, white sucker, hornpout (bullhead), pumpkinseed sunfish, and redbreast sunfish. What a variety!
Webb Lake in Weld is superb for kayak fishing. This heavenly lake is surrounded by a ring of mountains, and can be easily accessed on the southwest side, right at the
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