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 Kayak Caster’s Insider Awesome Gear, Amazing Spots story and photos by William Clunie
 Striking colors and fast action of smallmouth bass entice anglers.
“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”
~ Doug Larson
I slowly let my kayak drift into a shallow part of the river, and became complete- ly mesmerized by the sunlight’s sparkling on the water’s surface. The low, rising sun’s glow winked and danced on the water downstream, and seemed to call
to me, urging me to let the kayak drift further down the gently moving river. I snapped out of my early morning meditation and laughed, realizing I had my fly rod in my lap, and had just daydreamed past a great fishing hole – and it didn’t matter. I gently turned the kayak back upriver, headed to the slack side of the current, and shifted back to a position just above the good fishing water.
I eased the kayak in between the rocks scattered in the shallow water. I didn’t even need to get out of the craft to cast into the rugged outcropping, as small rocks held the kayak steady. A hungry smallmouth bass quickly slammed my hand-tied popper and rocketed skyward, thrashing his bulky body back and forth, producing a spray of water around him as he re-entered the river. What a handsome show of strength and grace! As I released the muscular green and gold-colored opponent back into the river, I bowed my head and gave thanks, feeling completely blessed to be able to freely float about, bask in the sun, and play in these glorious surroundings.
Pick Your Gear
My 13-foot “Ocean Kayak” from Old Town Canoe and Kayak allowed me to get into a great position to cast to a great looking piece of water. To be able to sit in comfort in the river and cast a fly rod accurately says a lot for that particular kayak.
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