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From the Publisher... About Our Writers Ever since the first edition of West Coast Maine hit the newsstands, folks have fallen in love. Do you know why? Sarah Carter-Hill grew up in West- We’ve got the best group of local writers and photographers, ern Maine, and is proud to call this and they really know how to get to the heart of what West- neck of the woods her home. She ern Maine has to offer. They uncover hidden treasures, and lives with her husband, Jesse, and provide us with a seemingly endless variety of things to do two children, Fern and Gus, on the and see. But we’ve been missing something, that’s for sure. family farm on which she was raised. She spends her days playing in the dirt (some call it farming), “Why don’t you publish a winter edition?” has been a knitting, skiing, baking and reading to her chil- constant question. Indeed, things are different in Western dren. Photo by Emily Delemater. Maine this time of year. The things that people do are a strong departure from the fairs and festivals activities of Adelyn Connolly is a native Mainer summer. We couldn’t agree more. and frequent re-locator who at last has settled down in an 1880s farm- When we gathered our writers together to brainstorm for this first-ever winter adventure, the enthusiasm was house in New Gloucester. Along with positively contagious. We could have published a hundred her partner, James and 3-year-old, stories, each unique in its portrayal of this slice of Winter Isana, she has been busy setting up house. Her Wonderland that we call home, and that keeps visitors new found hobbies include stacking wood, dog- returning year after year. After some lively discussions (and wrangling, electrical troubleshooting, and repur- intense negotiations), we settled on the stories that follow. posing dusty barn discoveries. She is also a busy songwriter, sugar connoisseur, and dinosaur expert What had I been thinking? Was I spending my waking (under the tutelage of her toddler). This is her third winter hours bonded to my Ashley woodstove, only leaving publication with West Coast Maine magazine. the comfort of my kitchen to re-supply my woodbox? Boring! My wife, Adrienne, says we never go out after dark, Brendan Schauffler is a graduate and I guess I won’t have a leg to stand on after she reads the student at the Muskie School of Night Life article by Brendan Schauffler. And I have to tell Public Service in Portland where he you that attending the wedding of our oldest son this past is nurturing idealism and learning fall has totally transformed my perspective on what it takes about community planning. A resident to plan an epic event, 3 days and nights of revelry in this of Norway, he enjoys swimming in Western Maine’s case. Writer Adelyn Connolly was there, from the arrival beautiful and plentiful lakes and ponds. He knows of the very first guests, right through the double pig roast, far too much about cryptozoology and giant squid. dancing and celebration into the wee hours. Of course, she was “on assignment.” Toni Seger has been a professional writer for over four decades and is Kudos to Aranka Matolcsy for shining the light on the the author of the Telefax Trilogy, Western Maine Passport to the Arts. This brand new re- available at Amazon. An award win- source has so much to offer, from a cultural perspective, to ning film maker, her plays have been great discounts on shopping, dining and accommodations. produced in New York City, London and Maine. And Sarah Carter’s article on hand made goods showcases what creative Mainers do with their time during the snowy A Western Maine Native, Aranka winter months. Maybe rosy-cheeked outdoor activity gets Matolcsy traveled extensively for 20 you psyched? If so, you won’t want to miss Toni Seger’s years studying art and seeking extreme look at winter sports in Western Maine, complete with her mountain adventures -- to return to reviews of the best places to stay while on your trek. Maine after learning that these special foothills offer the best quality of life, recreation and And what about the other stories that aren’t in this edition, you ask? Don’t worry; once our writers find something community the world has to offer. A self-described great, they’re not apt to let me forget. So relax for now, put cultural crusader, she has been instrumental over on your comfy slippers, and check out our first winter of- the past seven years in professionally revitalizing or fering of West Coast Maine. But don’t get too complacent developing a variety of regional arts organizations next to the warm glow of the woodstove, because there’s and cultural events. Since 2009, she has served as adventure of the finest kind just waiting for you. We hope the executive director of the Mahoosuc Arts Council, to see you out there! which received the Dirigo Award for Nonprofit Excel- lence in 2011. When she is not working to advance the arts, you will find Aranka in her food or flower gardens with her toddler Colby Adam. 4 Arts, Entertainment, Adventure and More in Western Maine
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