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 The treks to out-of-the-way fishing spots always have the best views.
fontinalis) that are, essentially, wild. Catching a wild brook trout, no matter the size, counts as a trophy for most fishermen.
Certain waters within the state have remained pure. That is, they have never been tainted with stocked, hatchery fish. There are hundreds of ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams that contain wild brook trout,
and Maine has named 585 as Heritage Brook Trout waters, protected with strict regulations to preserve this special wild and pure strain. Some waters provide an environment where brook trout can naturally re- produce, without stocking help from a hatchery. The water has to be cold, and offer just the right breeding conditions. Deep, spring-fed ponds with gravel- bottomed streams feeding the pond create a perfect environment for these native brook trout.
Anglers in search of this native species should consult the DIF&W website, and type in the search bar, “Wild Brook Trout,” to find a list of waters contain- ing these sought-after gems. Then get your map out and mark a few locations you want to scope out. Most will require heading back into the woods, away from the crowds ... something I really enjoy. Most find this solitude rewarding, and hooking a few of these in your very own spot is its own reward.
Defining Fishing Success
This means something a little different to everybody.
While most folks would think that it’s all about filling a cooler with a load of fish, many angers have grown to understand that it is more about appreciat- ing the whole experience. Let me explain what I define as my own, personal success, then compare it with what you understand as yours.
I am perfectly happy to sit and watch someone else catch fish. I have guided anglers for years, and really enjoy it when they are having a great time. I am not competitive in any way at all. I have caught enough fish in my lifetime that I don’t really care if someone else hauls in all of the fish on a given day. And, I really like hooking into a lot of large fish, but I can be just as happy catching little ones all day long.
And yes, I enjoy fishing with my buddies sometimes. But I relish those days afield where I’m the only one around. The peace and quiet renews my soul and makes me more effective in all I do. It’s all about a serene location, private and away from the crowds for me.
So, what is your idea of a perfect day of fishing? I prefer fishing alone, but searching for your perfect location can include fishing buddies, too. Spend time learning to use a map and compass, or become famil- iar with a GPS app and let the hunt begin – I’ll see you out there. Just wave as I pass by your special spot, onto the next location, all my own. ✬
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