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 thought I was crazy, but simply said, “OK,” and grabbed a shovel. He was convinced that I was on the right track when one afternoon a guest remarked,
“I knew the rooms would be clean when I saw how well the gardens were maintained!” Over the years, we’ve revamped all the existing garden beds, added hundreds of feet of perennial gardens, and redesigned our lakefront.
Having previously owned several homes, we’d done our fair share of remodeling and renovating over
the years. Owning a 31-room motor inn takes that education to new heights, that’s for sure. We’ve refurbished and modernized every guest room on the property – some twice! It’s been an exceptional learning experience that has taken great effort, but offered such great reward. We’ve acted as designers, general contractors, purchasing agents, seamstresses, skilled workers, and general laborers. There is a real sense of accomplishment when you put your personal stamp on the business, then get rave reviews from your guests.
I’ve learned many new skills that, before owning the business, were a complete mystery to me. I create
all the written material and advertising. I enjoy the challenge of learning graphic design skills to create brochures, business cards, and advertisements for 75

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