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 putting on shows at the middle and high school levels that are also opportunities for budding artists to develop their skills. Each rehearsal includes theater professionals and becomes a mini workshop that gives young performers practical skills. Stearn has seen kids growing in confidence and agency, overcoming stage fright and working their way up to lead roles in the Center’s “Main Stage” shows, with some even going on to work on Broadway.
It’s not only their focus on education that sets the or- ganization apart from your typical community theater group. There’s also a commitment to exceptionality, which shows up in the larger-budget, higher-scale productions of the Main Stage shows they present
in the large 155-seat theater (which occupies the former school gym). These shows are family-friendly, with one or two of them typically being musicals. They bring in seasoned performers and professional directors and designers. “There’s always something that leaves audiences saying, ‘I can’t believe they did that,’” Stearn shared. He continued, “We’re raising the expectation of the quality of the production, and nurturing our performers’ own creativity and talent to help them meet that expectation.”
Theater fans will also want to check out their “Black Box Season,” which offers a more intimate experience
in their 60-seat Black Box Theater. The shows here tend to be more theatrically- and performance-driven, and are often — but not always — more adult-orient- ed. These distinctive offerings allow them to showcase what they’re able to do outside of the family-friendly genre, and to let performers stretch themselves cre- atively with edgier material. Zach encourages visitors to include Schoolhouse in weekend road trip plans and catch a performance, noting, “It doesn’t matter what the show is — I promise you that it’s going to be good.” For show schedules and more info visit
Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins
Not far from the Canadian border, the tiny town of Eustis is a renowned destination for snowmobilers, hunters, anglers, and other folks who love the rugged wilderness of Maine. Thanks to Sandy Lamontagne and Craig House, the town recently added one more great reason to visit: Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins. The couple bought the property in 2014, chasing a dream to slow the pace of their lives and to own a sporting camp. They shared a love of such places, developed as they spent time visiting camps and meeting people over the winter months. As avid snowmobilers, they often racked up as many as 4,000 miles on the trails during a single season. Their original plan was to
The Schoolhouse Arts Center’s Main Stage Shows often feature family-friendly productions, like this performance of Seussical The Musical.
  Courtesy Schoolhouse Arts Center

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