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 Road Trip!
Point Your Compass to Adventure by Brendan Schauffler
  School-aged visitors to the Maine Local Living school learn about the many gifts provided by nature, including materials for shelter.
“The road is there, it will always be there. You just have to decide
when to take it.”
~ Chris Humphrey
I have a special fondness for road trips, especially those that are based on a loose idea, but leave the details to be made up as I go along. In this way I can enjoy them like little voyages of discovery, and roll along eager to see what surprises may be in store. These are a few of the gems I think are worth a visit on your next expedition. I hope this gives you a taste of what awaits you, but leaves some magic for you to discover on your own. What will you find along the way? What more will you learn and enjoy at your destination? The road, and the answers to those questions, awaits you...
Maine Local Living School
Maine is a special place for many reasons, and one of these is that the culture in the rural spaces which dominate the state is marked by a relationship with the land. We cut firewood, tap trees to make syrup, hunt and fish to feed our families, and maintain a kinship with the natural world that is increasingly rare and precious.
At the Maine Local Living School, co-founders Chris and Ashirah Knapp are teaching not only the skills needed to live in harmony with the land, but
a mindset of presence, reciprocity, and gratitude to support that relationship. I visited the school on a gray spring day and walked a short distance from my vehicle to the school to avoid roughing up a squishy road during mud season. A sign near a bridge reminded me that the water was making music, and en- couraged me to stop and listen. I did, smiling to myself at this simple pleasure. Just down the road another sign reminded me to enjoy the fresh, clean air. Again I paused, drawing in deep breaths of the cool air and reflecting on how often I neglect to slow down to appreciate gifts like clean air.
Arts, Entertainment, Adventure and More in Western Maine
 Courtesy Maine Local Living School

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