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 Kathy Carr
Jared and Jaqueline Carr of Cornish Cider Company are proud to offer specialty ciders fermented from heritage apples unique to the area.
came to Cornish as a destination,” Howe said. Like many towns, current restrictions have impacted their event planning, but Howe is hopeful that they will be able to continue some of their events this year. “We are finishing up renovations on the Pike Hall auditorium.” The plan is to hold events there as soon as they can safely reopen. The 350- seat auditorium serves as town hall and dates back to the 1920s. A grand example of famed architect John Calvin Stevens’ Colonial Revival style, the building houses a fascinating 1820s exhibit.
Jared and Jaqueline Carr are no strangers to the unique history that has made Cornish what it is today. Owners of Cornish Cider Company, the couple’s 20-acre orchard and small cellar cidery
sits on multi-generational family land. According
to Jared, Cornish has a long history of orcharding. Having been a brewer for many years, Carr says, “I felt making cider was a bigger part of the history.” With an orchard that is “100% unique to Cornish,” the Carrs produce a fermented product sourced from heritage apples found in this area. With a passion that is palpable, Carr explains his fascination with the discovery of unique varieties of local apples. “You can
plant ten seeds from a single apple and get ten differ- ent varieties. In this area there are a lot of wild apples growing, seeds that were scattered throughout the state.” He has made it his mission to bring this age-old tradition of fermenting cider into the modern market- place. Carr says his product strikes a nostalgic note in customers, many of whom share hard cider memories of their own. “Since I’ve been doing this, I’ve heard
so many stories of the old barrel (of fermenting cider) they had in their basement.”
From the history of the town, to the geography, the scenery and local businesses, Cornish has maintained a strong sense of its storied past, and created a supportive and thriving community. And despite the inevitable development, Howe says, “Cornish has maintained that old-fashioned small farm-town historic feel.” Surette adds, “We have everything we need here. I
can literally say I don’t have to leave town. We have shopping, doctors, yoga, a bike shop. We have hiking, we have over 26 bodies of water within minutes. It’s grown and grown, and it just keep’s getting better. For a tiny little town, it’s all right here!” ✬ 47

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