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   the 1800s, owner Lisa Trombly’s store was originally the home of the I.N. Brackett Co. store: purveyor
of paints, wall paper, groceries, wearing apparel, and shoes. The building eventually became the home of Smith’s Clothing Company, whose huge wooden sign is a prominent decorative feature inside the shop. For Trombly, the experience of serving customers at a local florist is something that fuels her passion. She believes there is an intimate relationship between the shopkeeper, the customer, and the recipient when giving and receiving flowers and gifts. “It’s special, not like grabbing a bunch of flowers that are dripping wet and wrapped in cellophane from the (store).” That special feeling is what keeps her customers coming back. “When we first opened 27 years ago, there was hardly anything here. Who would have thought so many people would come out here?” But come they did, and they still do. “People who visited on my opening day are still my customers. It’s a very support- ive community!”
“I’ve lived here 51 years,” said Steve Smith, owner of Smith Company Antiques. Born in nearby Kezar Falls, Smith settled in Cornish after returning from the Vietnam War in 1970. Owner of several busi- nesses in town, Smith finally turned his passion for collecting antiques into a unique and fascinating experience for his customers. Housed in an old garage that once sold Model A and Model T Fords, the store is stuffed to the rafters with several lifetimes worth
of collectibles: everything from cash registers, to cast iron cookware, to vintage posters, and even a life-sized Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. Like others here in Cornish, Smith is living his life-long dream of doing something he loves, and it’s working. “I’ve always wanted a country store.” Twenty-four years ago, he made that dream a reality. Smith says the community in Cornish is strong. “We’ve grown a lot over the years. We’re known for the antiques, but people come from hours away for the food. We have a number of great restaurants, and all of them are busy.”
Whether you are hankering for sumptuous seafood, pub fare, prime rib or pizza, Cornish offers something to satisfy even the most finicky appetite. A stop into the wildly popular Krista’s is a sure bet for a hearty and satisfying meal in a funky, fun and friendly set- ting. Warm and cozy, with lots of wood, leather and whimsey, like the colorful paper lanterns strung from the ceiling on the enclosed dining porch, Krista’s sits on a picturesque corner lot, perched above the Little River. The robust and eclectic menu has every hungry guest’s eyes popping and mouths watering as plate after plate laden with generous (and by generous, I mean huge!) portions of food arrive. After gorging on an abundance of perfectly prepared food, homemade coleslaw and bread ‘n butter pickles, you might regret
You’ll find everything from cash registers, to cast iron, to vintage posters at Smith Company Antiques.
 Above: Chefs at Krista’s restaurant prepare every order from scratch, from homemade soups to unique beverages .
Below:The ever-popular Krista’s, renowned for generous servings of hearty entrees, and decadent, homemade desserts, attracts hungry diners from near and far.
 Kathy Carr
 Courtesy Krista’s
 Courtesy Krista’s

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