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 Christine Baptista
Main Street, Cornish.
An artist herself, she felt there was a need for local artisans to have a place to showcase and sell their work. “There are so many talented people here, where do people sell their stuff?” But the idea of opening an artisan’s gallery in the midst of a town known
for antiques was risky. “People usually like one or
the other. It’s a small town. What if it didn’t work?” Not one to be daunted, Surette originally opened in the building that now houses a nearby coffee shop. She quickly outgrew the space, and after only a few years, built her gorgeous new gallery. It was a gamble that paid off. “I’ve been (open) ten years now and I can honestly say, it’s the best decision I ever made.” Ironically, she discovered later that her gallery sits on land that was once owned by the family her mountain is named for. “That’s why I called it Full Circle, stuff like that is always happening to me,” she said.
Next door, the eclectic Lily’s Fine Flowers and Antiques gives shoppers the nostalgic feel of life
in a bygone era. More than just fine flowers, wine, cider, and plants, Lily’s showcases a variety of unique inspirations and decorative offerings for the home. Original wooden floors and tin ceilings give a vintage feel to the shop, and a nod to its historic origins. One of the buildings that was moved onto Main Street in
 Christine Baptista
 Above: More than just flowers, Lily’s Fine Flowers and Antiques of- fers an eclectic array of inspiring arrangements for the home.
Below:The vintage charm and original features inside Lily’s Fine Flowers and Antiques harkens back to a simpler time.
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 Christine Baptista

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