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   Lynn Noyes and her crew at Lakeside Convenience & Marina make thousands of subs a year in tourist country.They always make sure to ask what customers want on their Italians, because outside of Maine, folks don’t know that an Italian is the one invented here in the early 1900s.
really make an Italian for me. I’ve also learned that vinegar really pulls it together if a place doesn’t have Greek olives. Problem solved!
Lakeside Perfection in Rangeley
On the last leg of my search for the best Panino, the simple solution to a really big problem for some people was uncovered. Lakeside Convenience and Marina on Main Street in Rangeley offers a gluten-free sub roll that is chewy on the outside, soft on the inside, and nothing but over-the-top delicious.
Owner Lynn Noyes spent a good deal of time trying out different types of gluten-free rolls before settling on one that serves as the perfect foundation for their finely-crafted, authentic Italian sandwich. While gluten-free only represents a percentage of the 5,500- plus subs they sold last year, knowing that several folks in the area are gluten-free, like 20-year-old twins Gabe and Jared Richard, made the decision to carry the rolls easy for Lynn. I decided to try one for myself, and have an on-the-road social visit at the same time. It was a truly sensational Italian, flavorful and robust in every way, and enjoyed in the twins’ great company.
Like many Maine businesses, Lynn and her husband Paul make the most of their resources. What they offer doesn’t end with the Italians and variety of foods and other goods in the convenience store. They have a gas station, and with spectacular frontage on Rangeley Lake, they put that to good use renting boats and boat slips. To round out the marine side of things, they offer boat upholstery and canvas, and operate a retail shop selling a full range of boating supplies. This, my friend, is a one-stop shop, whether it’s for a romp in the sun, or spent as a day at work. Some even say that the Italian is best enjoyed in full sun, surrounded by cool, calm waters. And really, how bad can a day of work even be if you’re out on Rangeley Lake, right? The customers at Lakeside Convenience are really anybody who wants to be on, in, or near Rangeley’s phenomenal big water. Lynn says that “locals are our cake, and tourists are our frosting.”
My long-held love and admiration for this Maine original was definitely deepened during my recent quest. This is not a mere sandwich, but a Maine Institution. As a subject of passion, staunch opinion, fellowship, funny stories, insatiable cravings, interstate commerce, community connection, and a sense of place, the Maine Italian will always have a place at my table, and in my heart. ✬
The gluten-free rolls at Lakeside Convenience & Marina are just perfect to cradle all the fresh ingredients of an Italian Sandwich.
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