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 Seasonal Haiku
Autumn rain:
Windshield wipers keep rhythm—
Deer startles me awake ****
winter sun:
gliding downhill on skis over powder —the rosy cheeks of children
Spring thaw—
Snowmelt reveals pine-needle path The sound of hikers!
Nancy Ann Schaefer
Bluejays swoop against the snow; holly berry sprigs brighten
balsam wreaths with red bows. Frosted windows settle and tighten
as amber candles flicker and glow. Chickadee flocks of bundled children sculpt a snowman with a carrot nose. Baking cookies make eager eyes glisten, and cheering, frothy eggnog flows. Cardinals churching with their kin flit away worries of chill weather woes. Loving lips prepare to lighten
lonely or hurried holiday loads.
Hug close the spirit, family and friends; make peace and love our winter rose!
Michalene Hague
My Charm Crawford Royal
It was hidden in a room stashed in a drawer,
and every time I had the chance I’d write a little more To the rhythm and rhyme of an old fashioned poem, that I wrote years ago of my future home.
Often at night when the town was still,
with pen in my hand by the window sill
The poem described winter woodlands and groves, but mostly it spoke of a charming old woodstove.
I was young then and years have rolled by,
filled with new adventures, rhythm and rhyme.
Just wish I had tucked it in a box or a book,
so that someday I’d have a chance to take another look.
Years have passed by and seasons gone around, no trace of that poem is left to be found,
But I think of it often at home on the hill, with pen in my hand by the window sill.
Embracing the sight that I see below,
of those gentle winter woodlands and groves Warming my hands and feet and toes,
giving thanks for that charming old woodstove.
Mary C. Hargreaves
The Mountain Poets Society meets on the second Sunday of each month from 4–6pm Everyone is welcome to share and discuss original poems. FMI Lisa at 743-9808. 83

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