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I like to find camping areas well away from any paved or much-used logging roads. Sometimes while snow- mobiling, camping locations simply reveal themselves in the snowy woods, and I determine to come back at a later date to set up camp after securing permission.
You can also search Western Maine maps for Public Reserved Lands throughout the region. In fact, more than a half million acres are to be found state wide! Check out index.html for everything you need to know about access and rules for these valuable natural resources.
Serenity of Winter
I really enjoy remote winter nights. Just before lighting a warming campfire, without any artifi- cial lights around, the brilliant display of stars in the night sky can hardly be comprehended, and is beyond breathtaking.
As I light the fire and feel its comforting warmth, I’m reminded of many things. The strength of the wildlife that live and thrive in these sub-zero temperatures is truly remarkable. The new technology that helps win-
ter campers sleep in comfort while the temperatures drastically drop is a godsend. And the fact that warm, wool clothing has really stood the test of time. These, and many other thoughts carry me deep into sleep.
Too many folks nowadays will grow old and never get to experience the extreme “alive” feeling that comes from winter camping. Waking up to shake frost off a sleeping bag, before lighting the stove to heat a morn- ing cup of coffee builds character. This is something you’ll never experience by sitting on your couch!
Be sure to bring your camera, too. You’ll see things that others will never view, and from a perspective not seen when the leaves are on the trees. Snow campers are surrounded by ivory beauty on all horizons, and these Western Maine mountains yield this glorious beauty freely to those willing to escape to these wild and serene places.
Finding the right place for a winter getaway can be
a challenge, and camping in snow provides a test beyond that. But let me assure you, it is really not that hard to do it right! ❧
Campers often must resort to older technology when there is a lack of cellular service.

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