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 A Home of Timeless Beauty, Enduring Quality, and Year-Round Comfort...
 That is what you can expect from Ward Cedar Log Homes, America’s first log home company since 1923.
 Fitting your needs is our primary concern at Ward. We know a Ward Cedar Log Home is the right choice, but it has to be right for you. Once you have decided on a Ward home, we help you discover choices for planning and pricing that conform to your needs and wishes, while offering some ideas you may not have thought of.
    • Northern White Cedar
• More Pre-cut Materials saving you on labor costs
• More design flexibility than you can imagine
• Providing advice and support before, during, and years after • Split Deliveries
• Offering Log, Hybrid, and Timber Frame Homes
  PUT WARD’S EXPERIENCE TO WORK FOR YOU. Call Steve Silverman, Silver Ridge Estates, Norway, ME • 207-743-2721 Model Homes • Log Home Rentals • Land Sales
Or Visit • 800-341-1566
Ward Cedar Log Homes • P.O. Box 72 • Houlton, ME 04730

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