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da’s celebrates its third anniversary in March. In a short time, Barbara has established many loyal customers from a community that she’s found to be supportive and friendly. With the care she puts into her custom- ers and her food, it’s easy to see why folks keep coming back. Stop in to see for yourself; they’re open from 7–7 year-round. You can find a menu, and even place an order for pick-up, at
By many measures, GrandyOats is an impressive op- eration. In 2018, they’ll produce 1.9 million pounds of granola, trail mixes, roasted nuts, and cereals. Made by hand in small batches, their products are sold in hundreds of locations across Maine, and as far away as Hawaii, Alaska and Japan.
In 2016, they became an EPA award-winning solar- powered bakery. Stretching across a field behind their headquarters in Hiram are 288 solar panels, soaking up enough sun to power their ovens, forklifts, com- puters ... everything! Every year the panels produce enough electricity to power 17 homes and offset 145,000 pounds of carbon dioxide (the equivalent of planting 2,000 trees). They’re also the largest employer in Hiram, providing jobs for 35 Mainers.
They’ve been making granola for 40 years ... so how do they keep things fresh? “Part of what sets us apart is that we’re 100% organic,” says Aaron Anker, the Chief Granola Officer. “We’re also not as sweet as other granolas, which can be like glorified, broken-up
cookies. You can really taste the ingredients in our granola,” he continued. Nat Peirce, the Head Honcho, adds, “Much of it is the ethos of the company.” They call themselves “real granolas,” and are committed to offering a carefully crafted, high-quality product in a sustainable fashion.
Try just a handful of their granola, and you’ll quickly see that sticking to their principles doesn’t mean any sacrifice in flavor. Perfectly roasted nuts and seeds are delicately sweetened with maple syrup or honey for a wholesome, deeply satisfying taste. I’m a huge fan of their Coconola, a coconut granola that they recently developed. This creation has been an enormous suc- cess for them, appealing to people looking to eat less grains and carbs, like those following “paleo” diets. Aaron loves it for snacking on the road, but I discov- ered that it’s amazing on ice cream (thanks to VP of Operations Jaime Pelosi for this tip!).
They’ve got a great thing going, and their success has meant expanding their facilities, upping their production, and hiring more employees. Try out one of their products the next time you’re at the grocery store, and you’ll get a taste of what makes GrandyOats so successful.
It’s clear that there’s no shortage of exceptional people here in Western Maine, from entrepreneurs to com- munity leaders. They’re inventing, reinventing, creat- ing new businesses, and adding value to our commu- nities and the world. These rising stars help to make our little slice of heaven shine a bit brighter. ❧
Alex, Kelly and Tim have been with GrandyOats for many years and wear so many hats - they are true #realgranolas
 Courtesy GrandyOats

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