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 regional events like the Rangeley Fat Bike Loppet (a series of three races), and the Northwoods Gravel Grind (a fall ride on backwoods gravel roads).
With all of this effort to be a team player, it’s no won- der that AJ’s has been well received by the Rangeley community. “This place is super friendly towards a new business,” AJ shared, adding that, “we get lots of support, even from people who aren’t cyclists.” The shop’s Facebook page is a great way to learn about their upcoming events. They also have a website where you can rent fat bikes - they’ll even drop them off and pick them up! You can also find a half dozen of their rentals throughout the winter at the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center, where you can ride over 30 miles of trails.
Meldrum Design
Kingfield is a charming village of roughly 1,000 peo- ple, nestled in the bucolic Carrabassett River Valley. It’s one of those regions of Western Maine that people go to “get away from it all.” You may not expect to find a full-service architectural firm here, but Ashley Hopwood-Farrar, owner of Meldrum Design, is proud to call this place home. She loves the land, and the year-round recreational opportunities that it offers. She also loves the people, and a lifestyle that balances work with making time for relationships and nature.
When Ashley and her husband decided to move to Maine a couple of years ago, they had their sights set
Above: AJ’s Fat Bikes helps to host year-round bike rides and races on gravel roads and snowy trails.
Below: Ashley Hopwood-Farrar chose Kingfield as the home for her design and architectural business because of a love for its people and quality of life.
 Ron Kozlowski
 Brendan Schauffler

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