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 Focus On Rising Stars
Making a Difference, One Day at a Time By Brendan Schauffler
                     AJ’s Fat Bikes is a family owned and operated shop filled with goods, and ready to serve riders and
the community.
“It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves.”
~William Shakespeare
After living in Western Maine for a dozen years, one of the things that I’ve come to love most about this place is that it keeps getting better. Others have taken note of this too, with many of our towns growing as people arrive to put down roots, drawn by the beauty of the land, and the quality of life that we enjoy here.
New businesses are emerging, established businesses are making noteworthy strides, and community-minded people are making their marks. These “rising stars” light the way towards a bright future for us, showing what is possible when people invest their talents and passion. The region is strewn with these stars; here are the stories of just a few.
AJ’s Fat Bikes
Tucked into an unassuming storefront in downtown Rangeley, you’ll find AJ’s Fat Bikes, where AJ Ash and his family run a full-service bike shop. The family moved here from southern Maine, drawn by their love of the outdoors, an attraction to a slower pace of life, and small, neighborly communities. They saw a need for a bike shop and started the business a few years ago with a small rental fleet of fat bikes. These bikes, designed for year-round off-road riding, with over-sized tires capable of taking on snow, sand and mud,
are wildly popular.
The business quickly evolved to offer sales and service of all kinds of bikes, and now supports a busy schedule of events as well. Many of these offerings are partnerships with area businesses, like teaming up with Bald Mountain Camps in Oquossoc to offer a fat bike race this winter. AJ’s also helps to host
Arts, Entertainment, Adventure and More in Western Maine
 Eric Dillman

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