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  Above:The burritos at Rolling Fatties in Kingfield are crafted with their signature homemade tortillas.
Below: Rolling Fatties specializes in locally-sourced ingredients and beers, with most coming right from Maine.
The MacMichael’s take on Mexican food is more inspi- ration and fusion than traditional. They use all the usual ingredients and sauces to create those familiar Mexican and southern Californian flavors, but they have a variety of other ingredients on their culinary drawing board. For instance, if you like falafel, they can roll that, or almost any combination you desire. And with most fat- ties, they add groats. Wait, what are groats?
With a true passion for locally-sourced foods (rice is a difficult ingredient to source locally), the MacMi- chaels have turned to groats, whole grains available from Maine, with a texture and flavor comparable to rice. Whether it’s a love for Mexican flavor and fresh tortillas, or a passion for local foods and brews, this Kingfield jewel is the place to be.
Western Maine faithfully offers a wide variety of choices for those seeking South of the Border flavors in ways to please most any palate. Whether you are already familiar with this regional cookery, or have never tried it, there’s something on the menu for you. Bring your friends, and watch the roots of these new flavors continue to spread. The draw of this great food is definitely growing a net- work of people who love to share fresh food and great culinary experiences, prepared with spice combinations that have been around for centuries. ❧

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