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 The trail rides at Deepwood Farm are often led by the resident pup, who helps proprietor DiAnne Ward sniff out the mountain vistas and magical hidden groves.
cred’. Refinished, 100-year-old hardwood floors cre- ate the foundation for stark white gallery walls, and an expansive ceiling, renovated to the rafters, with a rugged, modern, industrial stairway leading from first floor multimedia exhibits, to the balcony-style second and third floor installations.
There was a computerized light show synchronized to a very bass-heavy organ recording, projecting against a painted barn board with string lights in the foreground. It was intense, and not totally my scene, but immediately made me feel that kind of physical, sensual urge that only a college campus can evoke. A bit embarrassed to have my daughters on hand (they were obliviously dancing at my feet), I immersed myself in the remainder of the exhibit, all of which was very raw and emotional, and much of which was related to identity, either in terms of sexuality, gender, or otherwise.
Chock full, but maybe only 1,200 square feet or so (that’s a guess), my husband and I were able to fill our cultural quotas rather quickly. It felt nice to see the entire space without having to duck out part way with a bored child, as is often the case for us with a bigger space.
Exhibits change often, so there’s no telling what you will see when you arrive, but, if our experience is any
indication, it will be well-communicated through interpretive signage, literature, and three on-hand stu- dent docents. And, it will be raw. The kind of rawness that college students crave and that, perhaps, the rest of us ought to revisit every once in a while.
PRO TIP: If you park on Main Street near the post office, the walk to the museum will be quick. Before or after, you can duck into the coffee shop at UMF’s Mantor Library (adjacent), which serves Coffee by Design brews. Or, walk back past the car and into Tranten’s, an iconic and independently owned grocery store, affordably priced, and with a really delicious prepared food section in the back. We love their chicken salad wraps, perfectly moist and made with blue cheese and grapes. And the big pre-cut fresh fruit trays are perfect family finger food!
Deepwood Farm, Bethel
Up early and dressed in long pants and boots with heels, we had all planned to pile in the car for a trek through lovely Bethel to find Deepwood Farm. But, the gals were not feeling their best and, well, I don’t mind a Mama-only adventure every now and again, so I headed off solo. The drive was actually quite long , as the GPS didn’t recognize the address and, in spite of getting directions over the phone, I really wasn’t sure I
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