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Tube Socks and Top-Notch Hotspots By Kelsey Goldsmith
                                               The first floor of UMF’s Art Gallery often greets with a multimedia exhibit, such as this one which included found wood and synchronized light, shadow,
sound, and projection.
“Some beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost.”
~ Erol Ozan
My husband, young daughters (ages two and five), and I love adventures -- especially spontaneous ones! Some of our favorite Western Maine pit stops can easily be accomplished in a few hours with littles in tow. So, throw your snowshoes (or x-c skis) on the roof, stock the diaper bag with tube socks, and follow our lead.
UMF Art Galleries
If there is anything more iconic than driving the countryside into Farming- ton, I’d be surprised. Deeply underrated, in my opinion, this village is the epitome of classic New England college towns, with hillside farm houses ushering the way to a picture perfect main street.
The University of Maine Farmington, a top-rated regional liberal arts col- lege, has two affiliated art museums: UMF Art Gallery and The Emery “Flex Space.” Both are worthy, with the former being a bit more avant-garde, and the latter part of a much bigger arts complex that “blurs the lines” between visual arts, theater, and dance.
Beware: both have funky hours, open mostly in the late afternoon, and changeable during college breaks, and for shows, openings, and other what- have-yous. Case in point: we were actually planning to stop at the Flex Space, but only the stand-alone gallery was open when we arrived in town.
Located “around the back” in a Greek Revival home converted into an aca- demic counseling center, with very little signage until you’re actually standing at the door, the interior of the UMF Art Gallery oozes with liberal arts street
Kelsey Goldsmith
Arts, Entertainment, Adventure and More in Western Maine

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