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 Courtesy CEBE
CEBE’s EV Expo consistently attracts hundreds of people, including dozens of EV drivers, to South Paris to learn more from experts in the field, and those who drive them every day.
Beyond a robust used EV market, there aren’t a lot of “West Coast” new car dealers focusing on EV’s at this point. “When gas is cheap, like it is now, people aren’t as interested” says Joe Galletta of Ripley and Fletcher Ford in South Paris. “Given our rural location, we’re primarily
a truck dealer,” he told me, “but we can get any plug-in model through another dealer. When the demand is there, we’ll be more than happy to stock them.” That said, Ripley and Fletcher has seen an interest in non-plug-in hybrids like the Ford C-MAX Energi.
Charging Into the Future
Whether it’s a deep concern for air quality and climate change, the desire for advanced technology and exhilarat- ing performance, recognition of the economy and conve- nience of fueling up at home, or finding comfort in the expansion of charging networks, more and more drivers are finding the incentive to switch to electric vehicles. Ac- cording to Barry Woods, the Director of Electric Vehicle Innovation at ReVision Energy in Portland, 2017 showed an astonishing 28 percent growth nationally in new EV sales over the previous year, and that was only through the third quarter! It is projected that over 300,000 EVs will be sold in 2018 in the U.S., after just under 200,000 were sold in 2017. Bloomberg New Energy Finance predicts that by 2040, more than half of all new cars sold will be electric.
While ReVision Energy is primarily known as a solar power installer, Barry points out that “we are committed
to working with folks to promote EVs through engaging in public policy initiatives, working with dealers through cross promotion, and helping to create the ‘connective tissue’ 13
 “It’s quiet, handles well, and has great pick-up. But more importantly, I can transport myself and my family without the use of fossil fuels, and make a positive impact in light of climate change.”
~ Seal Rossignol, Otisfield, Nissan Leaf
“This is a ‘no compromises’ car. It handles and drives more smoothly than any other I’ve had, and the power is instant and amazing! It’s also very economical to operate as a business vehicle.”
~ Shawn Kane, Otisfield, Chevy Bolt

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