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a single charge. The Chevy Bolt boasts a range of 238, but we’ve heard stories of them going even farther. Most new models will go well over 100 miles on a charge, and Tesla makes 3 models that will go over 300!
With all these new higher-range cars on the market,
lots of used EVs are turning up at affordable prices as
EV pioneers trade up. While the range might be a little lower than when they were new, many are finding these second-hand cars to be a great bargain. Tony Giambro, owner of Paris Autobarn in South Paris, and founder of the Maine Electric Vehicle Association, is capitalizing on this trend by creating a local clearing house for used EVs, making it super easy to get into the game. Tony scours the Northeast and beyond for clean pre-owned EVs, and sells them quickly in his small car lot. Originally hop- ing to sell one or two a month, he now does that in a week. “Once they drive an EV, people love them,” he told me. “They are always surprised by the power, and how smooth they are.”
Tony also points out that, beyond normal wear and tear, they are essentially maintenance free, which for a long- time car mechanic might seem like a conflict of interest. “With the climate crisis bearing down on us,” he adds, “we can’t transition to EV’s fast enough.” That said,
he will still care for ICE cars to keep them running as efficiently as possible. He also runs his entire operation on solar power, and as eco-friendly as he can. His long term plan is to sell more EVs, as well as tires and wiper blades, which beyond normal wear and tear, is about
the only maintenance they need. When he’s not selling EVs or rallying for climate action, he can be seen tooling around New England in his new Tesla Model 3.
EV drivers quickly learn etiquette, plus communicate the necessity of the car’s charging status with easy-to-read cards.
   Scott Vlaun
   “I like not burning gas from the dollars and cents standpoint. I also love being able to hear traffic coming.” ~ Dwight Corning, South Paris, Ford C-MAX plug-in hybrid
“It’s really quiet,” (Andrea) “and peppy, (Mike)... and I could say something droll, like it lowers
our carbon footprint.”
~Mike and Andrea Askin Dunn, Harrison, Volkswagen e-Golf

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