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 He shows up at pretty much every Ride and Drive event in Maine, always eager to share his knowledge and offer a test drive. He’s now on his third EV, a Tesla Model X, which he uses as a work truck for Garbo- Kane Integrated Solar Builders, hauling tools and towing solar panels to job sites all over Western Maine. With the 300-mile range of his new car, the increas- ing density of chargers in the area, and the burgeoning nationwide Tesla fast-charging network, range anxiety is a thing of the past for Fred.
A Regional Charging Network Emerges
A growing legion of EV drivers in Western Maine is having their range anxiety relieved as well. In 2014,
the Center for an Ecology-Based Economy (CEBE)
in Norway was gifted a small EV charger by ReVision Energy for helping them promote a community solar project. They then collaborated with the town of Nor- way to install one of the first free public EV chargers in the state. A Ride and Drive event was held at the site, which attracted over 100 people. The charger became popular with locals and visitors, and the next year they installed another free public charger at the South Paris police station, followed by another, even bigger event. In 2017, they secured funding to increase the Norway site to three charging stations, and install solar panels on the adjacent public kiosk to offset the cost of electric usage for the town. 2017 also saw CEBE install three more chargers, powered by a 6300 watt dual axis solar tracker, at the Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School. The project was celebrated at their third annual “EV Expo,” which attracted over 300 people, forty EVs, and 11 elec- tric bicycles. CEBE also adds outlets for eBike charging to all their installations.
Tony Giambro of Paris Autobarn in South Paris is the leader in used EV sales in the State of Maine.
 Scott Vlaun
    “I’m psyched about what this technology can do for the environment. I love that it doesn’t have a tailpipe.”
~ Sarah Partridge, Norway, Kia Sol
“I love my EV! I don’t feel guilty about driving my car anymore, especially when I plug it into the sun.”
~ Zizi Vlaun, Otisfield, Nissan Leaf

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