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Winter Sustenance and Cheer
In Land We Trust
Sleuthing for Winter Wildlife
Fresh Tracks
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Working Up a Cold Sweat
Maple Sugaring Success
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West Coast Conversation
They are from Indiana,
from a small town in the southern part.
We’re from Maine, we say and name our town.
Is that along the coast? the woman asks.
Yes, but not along the east coast; it’s on Maine’s west coast.
The couple smiles at our little joke, and the conversation moves on.
Salads are served, and the man asks about fishing.
Is it good on the west coast? As good as on the east, I mean.
The fishing is excellent, I reply,
but the water’s calmer, so you don’t need such a big boat.
They laugh. We laugh.
The main course is eaten mostly in silence.
The woman, however, between mouthfuls, says, we hope to visit Maine.
I think we might try the west coast. It sounds lovely.
Angela doesn’t like rough water, the man explains.
We laugh. They laugh.
During dessert, the woman wants to know
if Maine’s west coast beaches were sandy or rocky.
My wife’s fork and mine stop in mid-air.
We look at each other and decide that
some future travel agent will have to sort this out.
Uh. They’re a little of both, I say. ~ John Governale, 2015

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